Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Checked out Photobucket and opened an account with this photo of a small bag that I recently made. Found this easier to use than Flickr!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Wow! I made it! I had my doubts that I could actually complete these 23 Things but I was motivated by the incentive of an MP3 player - and this is one of my PRS goals. I managed to accomplish every exercise on my own, with only one assist from Maurice in the beginning (thanks, Maurice!!).
Initially, working my way thru each thing was a time consuming chore that I did at home (it was definitely not possible to do the 23 Things at work - we've been slammed this summer in circulation!). Eventually, however, I came to look at each exercise as a challenge and I actually loved learning about what's out there. This experience has boosted my self confidence in approaching technology and computer based applications. Having the program self paced and as an independent learning experience worked for me.

Technology related blog posting

I had not realized the extent of technology advances that have become available. I am learning and appreciating the capabilities of technology and this is a rewarding experience.
I added a comment to a coworker's blog - that was easily done!

Audio Books - Project Gutenberg

I viewed the list of available titles and began reading A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes. Most of the titles were classics, with few, if any, newly published titles. This isn't a format that I'd enjoy but I realize that many of our patrons would relish this delivery method.


Added The Library Channel podcast series to my Bloglines account. Also listened to a variety of podcasts on Yahoo - some of which are excellent quality and others are just scary! Podcasting is another method of audio communication altho some podcasts include a visual component as well.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I viewed several videos on Ratatouille, Pixar's latest movie. The videos detailed the technical aspects of creating the animation. These videos were high quality altho not all YouTube clips are as well produced. I was really pretty impressed with the clarity and sound of the Ratatouille clips.
Including a YouTube segment on our library website could increase program participation, particularly if the video were well done but brief & attention getting, as it would stimulate our patrons' interest in learning more about the speaker or topic of the presentation.

Etsy - Web 2.0 Award winner

Ok, so I gotta admit that this website has no connection to library applications but it is just fun! It was a winner in the retail category and it includes only handmade stuff for sale - most of which is well made, quality stuff. I actually had explored it earlier as it was a link on several blogs that I read. I registered as "serenitea" in case I ever want to purchase something. It's so easy to spend far more time than you intend as you check out Etsy's offerings.